Apple AirTag vs Linkstyle Nijitag: Which Bluetooth Tracker Should You Choose?

Apple AirTag vs Linkstyle Nijitag: Which Bluetooth Tracker Should You Choose?

Which Bluetooth Tracker Should You Choose?

In a world where keeping track of personal belongings is crucial, bluetooth trackers play a vital role. These innovative devices provide a seamless solution for locating items like keys, bags, and more. The most prominent player in this arena is the Apple AirTag, however other bluetooth trackers such as the MVTag, NijiTag, and Tile are also in the mix. The Apple AirTag boasts integration with the Find My app and a vast network for tracking. However, the company has also allowed other third-party devices such as the MVTag and NijiTag to utilize this integration, allowing for a nearly identical experience at a fraction of the cost.
With so many different options, how do you choose what's best for you? Let's get into it.

Pricing and Budget


How much are you willing to spend on your Bluetooth Tracker? The Apple AirTag comes in at $29 for one, and $99 for a pack of 4. The MVTag and NijiTag, which are both incredibly similar to the AirTag thanks to their integration with the Apple Find My app, come in at $17.49 and $19.99 respectively. Finally, Tile's most comparable option, the Tile Mate, comes in at $24.99, but you need to pay for a membership ($29.99 per year) to access many of its features. That makes it the least economical option.
Out of these options, the MVTag and the NijiTag stand out as the most budget-friendly. Sure, you lose out on Apple branding, but the functionality is virtually the same since they both use the exact same FindMy app as the AirTag.



AirTags, MVTags, and NijiTags exclusively function with Apple devices, necessitating ownership of an iPhone or iPad for their operation. This dependency arises from their integration with Apple's Find My App.
In contrast, Tile provides applications compatible with both Android and iOS platforms, offering unparalleled flexibility. For Android users, Tile stands out as the optimal choice.



All four of these trackers utilize Bluetooth for their tracking, allowing for precision tracking within Bluetooth range: They provide real-time location tracking within a 200 feet range, allowing users to track their items even when they are out of immediate sight.
MVTag, AirTag, and NijiTag utilize Apple Find My's vast network for tracking items globally, meaning that you'll never lose track of your tag. Since every iPhone and iPad comes with the Find My app, this network of users is unparalleled in size. This makes locating your tag fast and accurate.
On the flipside, Tile doesn't have access to as wide a network as Apple Find My, so it may take longer to track down your lost items.

Design and Build


When comparing the size and weight of the tags, a noticeable difference emerges. Apple AirTags weigh 20 grams, while MVTag comes in at 41 grams. NijiTag weighs in at 18 grams, while the Tile Mate is light as a feather at only 8 grams! In terms of size, Apple AirTags measure 1.26 in x 1.26 x 0.31 inches, whereas MVTag is slightly larger at 4.72 x 2.76 x 0.79 inches. The NijiTag clocks in at 1.50 x 1.69 x 0.39 inches. The Tile Mate's dimensions are 1.49in x 1.49in x 0.29 inches.
If you want a larger tag, consider the MVTag. On the flip side, if you want something light, the Tile Mate is the best option.
In regards to durability, all trackers offer robust construction using quality materials. Apple AirTags are known for their sleek design and sturdy build, ensuring longevity in everyday use. On the other hand, MVTag prioritizes durability with its ABS+PC material, making it resistant to wear and tear. NijiTag and Tile tags all offer similar durability levels, so you can't go wrong here.

Battery Life


When it comes to battery life, all of these trackers boast impressive longevity. Apple AirTags feature a user-replaceable battery that lasts over a year, ensuring continuous tracking without frequent replacements. Similarly, MVTag offers a durable CR2032 battery that provides consistent performance over an extended period. The NijiTag uses an identical replaceable battery as the MVTag, lasting up to 12 months.
The Tile tracker differs in this department, featuring a 3-year non-replaceable battery. While the battery lasts much longer than the competitors, it's non-replaceable, meaning that when the battery eventually dies, you'll have to replace the entire unit.

Waterproof and Durability


When it comes to waterproof ratings, Apple AirTag, all of Tile's trackers, and the MVTag boasts an impressive IP67 certification, ensuring protection against water immersion up to 1 meter for 30 minutes. This feature makes it suitable for various environments, including rainy days or accidental splashes.
The NijiTag lags a bit in this department, featuring IP66 waterproof certification, meaning it's water resistant, not necessarily waterproof. If you see yourself using your Bluetooth Tracker in wet environments, then you might want to choose one of the other options.
In terms of durability in various conditions, all trackers exhibit robust construction to withstand everyday wear and tear. Apple AirTag's sleek design is complemented by its sturdy build, ensuring longevity even in rough handling situations. Similarly, MVTag's ABS+PC material enhances its durability, making it resistant to impacts and scratches. The NijiTag and Tile tags also feature similar durability features, meaning you can't go wrong with any of them in this department.
Overall, the combination of waterproof features and durable materials in these Bluetooth Trackers ensures that they can accompany users on various adventures while maintaining optimal performance.



Here's a comparison of the features and functionalities of MVTag and AirTag Bluetooth trackers
Features AirTag NijiTag
Aesthetic Appeal Sleek and minimalist design Elegant pearl white finish
Durability Top-notch material quality High-quality construction
Resistance to Elements IP67 water-resistant rating Designed to withstand various elements
Bluetooth Tracker Capabilities Cutting-edge technology for precise location Bluetooth connectivity for seamless tracking
Precision Finding Displays distance and direction Provides accurate positioning information
Battery Life Lasts over a year Up to a year of consistent performance
Integration with Apps Seamless connection to Find My app Smooth integration with Apple's ecosystem
Apple Ecosystem Compatibility Optimized for Apple devices Broad compatibility within Apple ecosystem
Ease of Use Simple setup and management User-friendly interface for easy tracking
Setup Process Guided setup in a few steps Straightforward setup process


If you're an iPhone user, the Apple AirTag still reigns supreme as the premium and most integrated option for a Bluetooth Location Tracker. However, both MVTag and NijiTag offer incredibly similar experiences for a fraction of the cost, so if you're not worried about A-List branding, these could be viable options for you. Tile operates a bit differently given their membership fee. However, if you use Android, nobody does Android integration better.